Mums + Bubs Exercise

Our Mums + Bubs Recovery Class has a NEW HOME! Ora Studios at North Head Manly closed its doors from  the 22nd of July 2017. Our classes however continue with the lovely team at Integrated Movement in Dee Why. For bookings and further information contact them today!

Our small group exercise class for Mums and Bubs is designed specifically for RECOVERY from pregnancy and birth. Restore your core and pelvic floor with a program specifically for YOU and supervised by a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist led – our Mums + Bubs ‘Recovery’ Exercise Classes are refundable on your health fund. The aim of the class is to recover from pregnancy safely – including closing abdominal separation, and improving core and pelvic floor strength. It is vital that you perform the correct exercises with the correct technique as you are recovering from the altered posture, strain on your spine and pelvis, and loose joints associated with pregnancy. Doing the wrong exercises, and/or doing too much too soon can increase abdominal separation and put you at risk or pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence now or later in life.


Restore your core + pelvic floor with our recovery class BEFORE you return to running or other higher impact exercise.

What does it involve?

  • The Recovery Class is a small group of Mums (max of 6) exercising indoors with their bubs in our beautiful air conditioned studio
  • The class is run by our Physiotherapists who have a special interest and extra training in Women’s Health
  • Classes are baby friendly, and able to cater for Women anywhere from 6 weeks post pregnancy – including those struggling with injury or ongoing pregnancy-related pains (the beauty of training with a Physio)
  • Exercises are prescribed specifically for YOU and will be progressed as you improve
  • You will be provided with a home program to maximise results
  • You will enjoy the social interaction and encouragement of other new Mums
  • Goals of the class include;
    • “Closing the gap” of abdominal separation using safe and specific Pilates and functional style exercises
    • Regaining pelvic floor control
    • Regaining correct posture and spinal alignment including strengthening your shoulder stabilisers to allow you to lift and carry your baby without neck and shoulder aches
    • Restoring your core system so you can return to higher impact exercise and running safely

What do the babies do?

You are welcome to let your bubs sleep in their pram or capsule, bring in a bouncer, or get them involved (they love getting down on the mats with their Mums!) We understand babies are not angels all the time.. so if you need to stop to settle or feed it is a safe environment to do so, or we are always on hand to rock or cuddle!


Each class has a limited number of spaces for Mums and their Bubs. Please advise which class/classes you would like to join at the time of booking your assessment and every effort will be made to accomodate you. Please note if there is not a permanent spot available in the class you are after – we can place you on a short waiting list.

TUESDAY: 10:30am

THURSDAY: 11:00am

THURSDAY: 1:30pm

How to join:

Prior to joining the class, it is required that you undergo an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist (to which health fund rebates will apply). This is to ensure your safety and that you understand how to correctly activate your core, pelvic floor, and other stabiliser muscles so you can ‘hit the ground running’ in your first class. It also allows the Physiotherapist to be fully informed of any pregnancy or non-pregnancy related issues/injuries that you have BEFORE the class – so she can be prepared with any modifications or specific exercises you will need.

Please contact us to schedule your initial assessment. The assessment for this class cannot be booked online.


Initial Assessment: 45 – 60mins | Physiotherapy Assessment: $100 (Hicaps for instant rebate available)


6 Class Pass: $32 per class ($192)

Casual: $37 per class | subject to numbers

*6 class passes are to be used within 7 weeks at one class per week, and 4 weeks at two classes per week. Classes are paid in full and in advance when the pass is purchased – and following each class you will receive a receipt via email to claim back from your fund. Any classes not completed in the timeframe will be forfeited and you will not be able to claim them from your fund. For more details regarding your ability to claim your classes, please contact your health fund provider. 


Ora Studios is located within North Head Sanctuary in Manly, which has an abundance of free car parking.

The Mums + Bubs Recovery Class takes place in the studio (Room 1) – which is temperature controlled for your comfort whilst exercising. Refer to our contact page for google map and directions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or book your initial assessment!