Women’s Health Physio

What are Women’s Health issues?

Some of the Women’s Health issues that we can face are; urinary or fecal incontinence (leaking of urine or faeces), urgency (needing to rush to the toilet with little to no warning), urinary frequency (needing to go to the toilet frequently), pelvic organ prolapse (dropping of the pelvic organs), constipation, and pelvic pain including pain with intercourse.

These disorders can occur during or after pregnancy (following carrying the weight of a baby and/or trauma to the pelvic floor), however this is not always the case. Many Women suffer from issues such as this for various other reasons, including an overactive bladder, weak pelvic floor, or following the hormonal changes of menopause.

Many of us don’t understand how widespread these issues are, for example, 4.8 million Australians suffer bladder or bowel control issues, and 70% of those are Women.  (source – Continence Foundation of Australia). Even more significantly, approximately half of all women who have given birth vaginally have a prolapse – but only 1 in 5 will seek medical help. Many Women unfortunately choose not to seek assistance when they display symptoms relating to their pelvic floor – perhaps through embarrassment or the belief that nothing can be done. However, Physiotherapy is proven to be an effective way to treat, manage, and in some cases completely cure your condition.

What does Physiotherapy treatment involve?

Firstly, an initial assessment is completed where you will be asked a series of questions relating to your condition and you will have the opportunity to discuss all your concerns. Our clinic is a private environment which only caters to one client at a time.

Depending on your presentation, an internal examination is often required. This is the best way to assess your condition, and give you feedback regarding the strength and condition of your pelvic floor.

You will learn how to correctly use your pelvic floor and abdominals, urge control and bladder retraining techniques, good bowel and bladder habits, and advice regarding safe exercise for your pelvic floor. You may be asked to complete a “bladder diary” at home to give us more insight into the habits of your bladder, and how/if we need to retain it.

How do I make an appointment?

Womens Health Physiotherapy Northern BeachesFor appointments, or more information please contact us on;

T: 0450 524 600

e: hello@orastudios.com.au

You will need to advise us that your appointment is for a Women’s Health issue – so we can ensure enough time is scheduled.

**Please note: We are currently unable to accept new Women’s Health Physiotherapy Clients**