Different classes for different moods. Match yours.

The only thing basic about this class, is the principles of Pilates we’ll take you through. It’s a full body workout on the reformer, but promise, we’ll keep the intensity of the class to a minimum so you (and us) can focus on getting your technique right. Expect a challenge, but expect to be rewarded at the same time. Tones out, you can have both.

Feels like: 30,000 steps through Florence on your first day, and discovering the best place for pasta.

45-minute class.
Suitable for all levels, including pre-natal up to 12 weeks.

When you’re ready to take things up a notch spring, this class is designed to do exactly that. There’ll be activated cores, burning glutes and plenty of ‘surely not another rep?’ in this class, and it’s that feeling you’ll come to love. The best part of this class? Everyone’s eyes meeting in the mirror, and the comfort that we’re all in this together.

Feels like: carrying all your groceries from the car to the house in one go.

45-minute class.
Suitable for anyone who has mastered the basics.

There’s no sugar-coating this, this one’s a 10/10 on the intensity scale and is designed around either all springs or no springs at all. It’ll make you forget about everything else, except pushing through just one more time. And when you do, you’ll leave feeling more toned than ever. Let’s call it the love/hate relationship you won’t want to end.

Feels like: if you know you know. And you’ll know for a while.

45-minute class.
Suitable for those who know what they’re doing on the reformer.
Not suitable for expecting mummas.

When sweat turns into glow, you know you’ve just finished your favourite cardio class of the week. Based on the reformer but with cardio bursts that will get your heart rate right up (and your mood too), the pace of this class is dynamic. You’ll feel what it’s like to push outside your comfort zone — and find yourself pretty comfortable there.

Feels like: Running anti-clockwise around The Tan, and still beating your personal best.

45-minute class.
Suitable for intermediate to advanced.
Not suitable for expecting mummas.

Our signature strength class, this one’s for those who want to incorporate lifting weights into their workouts. And once you’ve discovered your true inner strength, you won’t look back. Taught with only six people per class, we’re keeping a close eye to make sure you get all your angles right (while training, and then in the mirror after).

Feels like: the gains toned physique you’ve been working hard for.

45-minute class.
Suitable for newbies and advanced lifters.
Not suitable for expecting mummas.


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